About us

The supplier of narrow textile products

For more than 25 years, Jabeco BV has imported and produced everything in the field of ribbon, tape, cord and elastic. We are the ideal partner in respect of these products because, given that we provide a very extensive assortment and have a large stock management system, we supply all branches: from haberdashery to the car industry, from sail makers to orthopaedics. With our delivery times, stock management, new products or tailor-made solutions, we can always offer the best solutions. Our enthusiastic team will think along your wishes and will find a fitting product.


Our long standing experience with an extremely diverse range of target groups, supplying to reputable companies and purchasing in a large number of countries, ensures that we are a key player in the market and a reliable partner. In this way, we are able to maintain stable product supply processes, quality and price and remain fully up-to-date with the newest developments, product techniques and applications.


The articles ordered by you must always be of the quality you required. This, we expect from our suppliers and you may also expect this from us. Every product that is supplied to us is subject to detailed checks in relation to quality and colour. Quality, continuity and stability are of the utmost importance to us as this is what distinguishes us from others and is something we are proud of!


We provide speedy delivery due to an extensive stock management and due to the excellent contacts and long-standing co-operation we have established with our suppliers.