Jabeco was founded in 1988

For over 30 years, Jabeco has been a well-known and major player in the textile industry. The company was founded in 1988 by Jan, Berend and Coenraad. The first two letters of each of these three names has been used to create the company name: Jabeco. The first goal of Jabeco was to produce and sell textile-related products. In this first year, Berend and Coenraad decided to leave the company, making Jan van der Plas the company owner.

In 30 years, Jabeco has compiled an inventory of over 10.000 different products

Jabeco has been able to steadily improve its production process over the years, expanding its inventory to over 10.000 different products and optimizing its supply. Currently, Jabeco holds a spacious stockroom in which over 1.000 products are prepared for delivery each day. Our product range primarily consists of tapes/ribbons, cords, hook & loop, and elastics. We also have a wide selection of textile related accessories, like zippers and hooks, which are in stock regularly.

Jabeco customers are primarily based in Europe, but we also deliver to customers all over the world.
Customers are primarily based in European countries, like the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland, France, Spain, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and the United Kingdom. But we also have customers in countries like Ukraine, the United States, Australia and Turkey.
Jabeco employs 16 full-time employees, who all enthusiastically contribute to maintaining the high-quality products that we offer. Fast delivery times are also a must, guaranteeing flexibility and continuity for our customers. By offering this service, Jabeco has been able to build meaningful and strong relations wit hits customers and acquired a competitive position within its active markets. A high standard of quality is essential for the markets in which Jabeco is active.
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