Floor coverings

Our products for Carpets

You will soon be able to review our complete Floor Covering product line here. This product line contains multiple items for your carpets, including multiple kinds of twill tape for a professional finish. These tapes are available in multiple widths, colours and with or without a self-sticking glue layer. These products are all almost continuously in stock. Also available with a personal finish, for example a company logo, with or without self-applying glue layer, at Jabeco.

The finish of your carpet

We also supply personalized labels with your company logo. Use a personalised logo or text on your carpets and create even more brand recognition. If you are in the market for a unique edging finish instead of a more traditional edge, take a look at the diverse selection of decorative tapes. Including fringes, braided tapes. All with different colour / designs combinations.

Are you interested in our products? Ask for a quotation of our products related to the carpet industry.