Products related to the habedashery-market

Here you can review our product line related to the habedashery. This product line contains 1000 different products, many applicable in DIY packaging. These products are primarily used in the fabrication of clothing, bags, hats, curtains, furniture, etc. Our main collection consists of multiple kinds of elastics, tapes, ribbons, fringes, hook & loop, buttons, sewing threads, zippers, springs and buckles in various compositions, including spools, cards, bundles, rolls, etc.

Customized products for the retail-market

We also supply 10.000 other products for the customisation of your clothing, bags and hats. Every request is possible! Just ask about the many different possibilities or ask for the options related to the specific products you’re interested in.
Are you interested in our products? Ask for a quotation of our products related to the retail-market.

Most popular products in the Haberdashery industry