Sail making


Here you can review the Sail-making product line offered by Jabeco. This product line consists of 300 products, which have multiple applications. From lashing tapes to tarpaulin tapes, support strap tapes to tent tapes. Elastic, UV resistant, woven flat or braided round.

Many different qualities of tapes are used within this industry, made from diverse materials as polyester and polypropylene. We primarily supply bands in the basic colours of white, grey and black, but any personal preference can be discussed.

Jabeco can also help you with fixation. We offer multiple kinds of elastics; both flat and round, with or without hooks

If you can’t find a specific fixation for your product, try one of our diverging Hook and Loop solutions, which are supplied in multiple widths. A self-sticking glue layer and even elastic hook and loop are possible solutions.

Are you interested in our products? Ask for a quotation of our products related to the Sail industry.

Most sold products for sailmaker applications